Saturday, October 10, 2015

Raw&More Cafe- Grange Road, Findon.

Yesterday one of my besties, my restless baby and I ate a delicious meal at Raw&More. I really can't recommend the place highly enough. The staff were attentive, friendly and professional and the food was so flavourful that I'm dreaming about it, even now for breakfast. There was just something about that carrot and coconut salad that got me hooked, and the prices are reasonable too. Unfortunately, my poor little baby is learning the limitations of her body and hit her head on the table after refusing to stay in the high chair. I swear, she's normally so well behaved (I swear! šŸ˜œ) but she's learning to climb and is desperate for the ability to do that. Her accident initially looked and sounded a lot worse than it is now. I thought she'd have a bruiser for sure but luckily it's just a scratch. The staff were so friendly and helpful when this happened, getting some ice and coming to make sure Edie was ok. And for that reason, I'll make sure I'm a regular customer. It's refreshing to go to a place where they treat you more like a friend then a customer, plus the food is outstanding. Thanks Raw&More. You guys rock! 

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